Zenten (zenten) wrote,

My first 3rd edition Nobilis character

Thanks to untested for lending me the book.

First the Lifepath sheet:

Here's the character sheet:

Name: Daniel Xu

Passion: Nothing can hurt me (1)
Skill: Assassin (5)
Skill: Making "Friends" (2)

Estate: Style
(1) Style always turns more heads than substance.
(1) Style must be maintained.
(3) Style cannot be defined.
(2) Style is timeless.

Aspect 4
Domain 0
Persona 0
Treasure 0

Perfect Timing

I love Jeannine (1)
I cannot be one-upped (3)
Jackson is the closest thing I have to a friend (3)

I always look good (2)
Jackson has the info I need (4)
Tags: nobilis, rpg
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Is that flowcharty thing normal for 3rd edition Nobilis characters?

I didn't know there was a 3e. I still have the second edition, somewhere.
Yeah, it's part of the "lifepath" system (which isn't really a lifepath). It has some mechanical relevance, but it's optional.

The book hasn't hit stores yet; I'm using my friends preorder copy.
I still need to get 3ed!
What's your opinion on copyright infringement?
I'm against it, especially when I specifically want to support the writer in question.
OK, well you can buy the PDF/other ebook formats from DriveThru right now.